Teaching Files

Below is a selection of teaching files in Power Point format.

Bad Fistula

Brachiobasilic fistula - stenosis

Brachiocephalic fistula - aneurysmal

Brachiocephalic fistula - angioplasty

Brachiocephalic fistula - cutting balloon

Brachiocephalic fistula - occluded

Brachiocephalic fistula - stenosis 1

Brachiocephalic fistula - thrombosed - extensive

Brachiocephalic fistula - thrombosed 1

Brachiocephalic fistula - thrombosed 2

Brachiocephalic fistula - vein side branches

Central vein - angioplasty

Cephalic - severe stenosis

Cephalic arch - angioplasty

Cephalic arch - rupture + stent

Cephalic arch - thrombosed

Elastic recoil

Fibrin sheath 1

Fibrin sheath 2

Fistula - native vein - angioplasty

Fistula art anast

Fistula vein side branch

Juxta-anastomotic stenosis

Knarly radiocephalic + occluded stent

Proximal radiocephalic fistula

PTA of Jugular Stenosis

Pulmonary - Subclavian anomaly

Stent Graft - Traumatic Cannulation

Subclavian vein occlusion

Thigh graft + stents + pseudoaneurysms

Thrombosed graft + outflow vein

Vein aneurysm + distal stenosis

Venogram - occlusions


Venography - bilateral

Venous hypertension

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